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How write a book alone

1. Choose the genre

Example: I want to tell an overcoming story.

2. Get an idea for the book

Example: I had the idea to talk about a girl who is in high school and is bullied, but in the end she overcomes the difficulty and teaches her pursuers a lesson.

3. Build the story based on the idea

Example: At the beginning I introduce Abbie, 19 years old, single, smart and introverted.Then I tell her a little bit about her story with her mother, Betty, and how close she is with the rest of her family.I talk about her behavior at school and create several conflicts between John and her, and in the middle of these conflicts appears Pitter, who always defends her.In the end, John is betrayed by his friends and is expelled from school, this causes confusion in his house, several boos from his classmates on his last day of school and a lot of humiliation in front of everyone, and this is where Abbie and Pitter get together.offer to help him, making him (John) open his eyes to the evil of bullying.

Tip: It is extremely important that you constantly read, especially books that are in the same genre as yours.This will help you with writing, details, spelling and how to speak to your audience.

4. Choose an app to write

I use Google Docs for a variety of reasons, such as: - It's online and it automatically saves - I can share with other people, so they can see and also write - Has several layout tools (book interior design) - I can write on mobile, tablet, notebook or computer But you can choose some other online writing app.

5. Choose an app to make the arts

Designs you need to make for your book: - the cover, middle and back of the book - the core (interior design) - ears, if you have it (short part of the inside of the book that comes with the cover, like a continuation, talking about the author of the book) I use Photoshop, but you can use Photoscape or even Canva.

6. Make the layout

Basically, you design the interior of your book, putting the page numbers, some specific artwork, a header, footer and putting the margins around the text.This is all I can do on Google Docs.

7. Make a finish

Put it all together in a PDF to sell as an e-book or print. This I can also do in Google Docs.

8. Publish your book :)

Como escrever um livro sozinho (Vídeo Explicativo):

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