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“God made the world and everything in it for man and woman,only one thing He made for Himself: the human being.”

+ than 240 people

downloadedthe digital book;

+ than 10,000 were impacted

with the book announcement;

Decade10 people who read,

9 said that this book changed

your relationship with Jesus.

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O próximo testemunho
pode ser o seu...

- What if I don't like the book?

No problem, within 7 days
you can ask for a refund.
After all, what elseit matters and yourstransformation :)

- I'm afraid of staying the same

That's why every chapter has
practical tasks, to thereby what
you finish reading, now you can
apply in your daily life.

- What is the content?

He has17 chapters, answering questions
about creation, the Trinity, sins, identity,
fasting, character, body and soul, prayer, devotion, worship,
spheres of activity, serve and finish well.

- Why buy the digital book?

Lightweight file

Affordable price

✓ 7-day guarantee

Delivery after purchase

You will be contributing

with the environment

You will be able to read the book


Compatible with all devices

Accept onefree sample
before you buy?


- Why not give it for free?

We alreadywe present diverse people with
this book,However, everything has costs,that's why
there is a symbolic value.

But think on the bright side,you are
helping us to invest in publicity,
so that this book reaches more people.

You will be puttingIn practice John 15, which says:

"When you produce manyfruits,bring big
Glory to my Father and demonstrate that they are mine
real disciples." (John 15:8)

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